Animations are nothing more than the sequential rendering of multiple frames. These frames will display your set of objects from the point of view of a camera and will render, step by step, what these objects are doing through time.


The format of an animation can be selected from the Scene property sheet, under the Output set of options. Blender can output an animation in different formats. As of Blender 3.1, these are:

  • Image formats
    • BMP: A sequence of BMP files.
    • Iris
    • PNG: A sequence of PNG files.
    • JPEG: A secuence of JPEG files.
    • JPEG 2000: A sequence of JPEG files.
    • Targa
    • Targa Raw
    • Cineon
    • DPX
    • OpenEXR MultiLayer
    • OpenEXR
    • Radiance HDR
    • TIFF
  • Video formats:
    • AVI JPEG: An AVI animation where each frame is a JPEG file.
    • AVI Raw
    • FFmpeg Video